The Parish Plan has now been formally adopted by Blaxhall PC and will now be printed as a final document. (28/2/2004)

The Pilot Survey has now been collected and collated, and the results are here.

Draft Parish Plan has now been circulated. Lost your copy? Download it here.

(Would suggest right clicking on the link and choosing "save target as" due to the size of the file (580KB) It is in Adobe pdf format, you will need Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this bit of free software, you can download it by pressing the button)

The accompanying action plan is here

For general interest, the original Pilot Survey

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Link to the Countryside Agency's page about Blaxhall's Parish Plan

Parish Plan Q & A

What is a Parish Plan?

As part of the Vital Villages programme being instigated by the Countryside Agency, a parish plan is a document produced by a village outlining the various needs of that village. Some of those needs may already be met, but the parish plan is fast becoming an accepted format in which Parish Councils can apply for various grants. Those grants cover a wide area; some for village hall improvements, some for public/community transport, others for arts development to name but three. For an idea of these, click here!

In addition, the development of the plan itself attracts a small grant from the Countryside Agency to cover printing costs / purchase of materials etc.

Emphasis is put on the plan being holistic in its approach. Everyone in the village should be able to have an input into developing the final document, and all aspects of the village and its needs should be included.

For more information on Parish Plans, visit the official Countryside Agency website here.

How did Blaxhall become involved in this scheme?

During January, there was a meeting open to all to discuss the Parish Plan with Annette Gray from Suffolk ACRE. A good turnout was recorded, and towards the end of that meeting, Annette asked for a show of hands on the question of whether Blaxhall should develop its own plan. A majority were in favour, and a Steering Committee was set up to "get the ball rolling" and devise the best way to collate the required information in order to produce the plan.

So what do I have to do?

All that is needed from the residents of Blaxhall is comments and views on the needs of the village. Certain aspects of those needs - maybe youth group discussions and so on may need some liaison between those most affected, but generally, just our feelings on Blaxhall and its future. In fact, if you think Blaxhall is hunky dory and needs no improvement and no change, that view is as valid as any other.

Why are we bothering? Nothing comes from all this and never will.

Well that's as maybe. But as it is costing the parish effectively nothing to carry out but a few hours from volunteers, and the filling in of a questionnaire then it is surely worth a shot. At best it could mean funding for the village hall improvements and other schemes.

Steering Committee Members

Jonathan Cutting, Maggie Grenham, Bob Mackenzie, Jacqui Oliver, Tony Salisbury, Joy Shaw, Steve Smedley.