Some recent Blaxhall cricket history

Ever since 1997 Blaxhall have played an inter village match with Little Glemham. The first year the match was cricket, and Blaxhall won resoundingly. There was some talk of ringers at the time, but this was refuted by Blaxhall and a couple of pints later everyone shook hands.

1998, cricket again, and Glemham brought on a certain Mr Russell, who whipped through Blaxhall’s top order without compunction. Trouble for Glemham lay in the form of Adrian Morton, who, after three succesive sixes off the bowling of J Cutting, reached his fifty. In a vain attempt to level the balance the same J Cutting took a hatrick in the 12th over, with a decent catch from J Russell, a caught and bowled after Ken Capps had been foxed by a slower ball and three quarters of a bottle of Scotch, and a rather interesting Beamer that had sailed some twenty feet above the wicket upon delivery and amazingly landed on the stumps.

In 1999 the tables started to turn. Soured by the victory so close within his grasp, the Glemham captain decided to pick only the finest young men from his village. As there weren’t any, he picked his usual team, but after discussion the two villages decided on Softball.

In turn, Blaxhall under the captaincy of Max Stocker as always had become complacent. Even with Kenny French as umpire and Alfie in the deep (for both sides as I recall), Blaxhall lost for the first time. At this time, the captain of Little Glemham had moved to Blaxhall, so the inter village cup (kindly donated by Jim and Sue Grubbs) never left the village, no matter which side won.

Dennington v. Blaxhall

September 2001

Game statistics:

Dennington: 176 from 30 overs

Highest run scorer: Max Stocker; 60

5 wickets from Evan Bye

Blaxhall: 115 from 30 overs

Highest run scorer: David Cutting;
39 not out (carried his bat)

2 wickets from Max Stocker

In 2001, the Blaxhall versus Glemham tournament changed to Blaxhall versus Dennington (following old faithful Max Stocker’s move to this unchartered territory), and the game once again reverted to cricket. Blaxhall practiced hard every Wednesday evening, with newcomers Jasper and Lloyd improving in leaps and bounds (or small hops and the occasional step in the right direction). Ringer Eli coached our bowling attack, and was a force to be reckoned with in the game, which took place at Dennington. Paul Keeble was a safe pair of hands behind the wicket, and Blaxhall did themselves proud with both the game and the support. Tea was a Blaxhall triumph, but the game went Dennington’s way in the finish. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we look forward to many more cricket matches.