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This page is all about the history of Blaxhall, its features and residents. There are several pages to browse, just click a link to view. For the bookworms among you George Ewart Evan’s enchanting 1956 collection of anecdotes and observations from 19th century rural Suffolk is currently in print and available at the link below.

In-depth history of the village

1066 to 1699

1700 to 1900

These two thoroughly researched articles by Shane Pictor document Blaxhall through the ages and are a must-read for anyone interested in the varied history of the village, or for anyone who likes a good story.

Other interesting historical information

Blaxhall Family Tree

The Boy Bishop coin by Sue Waring

The Rope & Bates Families

Cyril Poacher and other old Blaxhall folk singing

All material researched and written by Shane Pictor unless otherwise stated. Thanks for help with research, transport, contributed photos, etc to Florrie Shaw, Ray Poacher, Kevin Scott, Rod West, Clara Jenkins, Peter & Sue Waring, Dr Helen Geake, Maggie Grenham, Peter Fletcher, Peter Gurney (and anyone else I’ve forgotten!)

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