Blaxhall Family Tree Project

We are slowly but surely attempting to create a family tree of village residents, from around 1700-1950. Obviously that means an awful lot of names (we're up to 6350 so far) and an awful lot of work, but it can also be thoroughly rewarding (such as when you find that your great great great grandfather lived in the house you're sitting in!). We may, eventually, get the whole affair online but in the mean time if you have Blaxhall ancestors and think we may be able to help you out then please email Blaxhall Archive Group. We have access to several censuses as well as some White's and Kelly's directories and various parish records from which some lookups can be undertaken, but please be specific with any requests.

Among the more popular names on the tree so far are; Abbott, Airey, Baskett (Basketts), Bennett, Brightwell, Browne, Burch, Cable, Coates, Cole, Durrant, Farrow, Fletcher, French, Friend, Gibson, Hammond, Herring, Hewitt, Jay, Keeble, Knights, Lee, Leggett, Levett, Ling, Mannall, Meadows, Newson, Pannifer, Plant, Poacher, Price, Pryke, Reeve, Richardson, Row, Savage, Scarce (Scace, Scase, Scarse), Shaw, Shemmings (Sheming), Smith, Smy, Thurston, Wardley, Woolnough.

For those researching the surname Blaxhall, Blaxall, etc we have a some snippets of information here.