Songs from the Blaxhall Ship, 1973

Below are links to MP3 files of songs recorded in the Blaxhall Ship on Friday November 16th 1973. They appeared on an album made by Tolly Cobbold, a brewery in Ipswich which no longer exists in any meaningful sense, but that used to own the Ship until the freehold was purchased by the late Jim Grubbs over twenty years ago. To download these files, simply right click on the name,and select Save Target As.....

I recently received an email from Chris Holderness who, I have to confess, knows considerably more about the folk singing tradition of the Blaxhall Ship than I. His email was so rich in information I asked if he would mind me posting it verbatim, and he agreed (thanks Chris) - so here it is:


Have just had a look at your wonderful website about Blaxhall. Good to see the references to the traditional music from the village, and that the 1970s LP tracks are available as MP3 files. With reference to the availability of recordings, there is far more than the few tracks of Cyril Poacher on compilation CDs mentioned on your website, if you know where to look!

In brief,

Peter Kennedy recorded in The Ship for the BBC in the early 1950s, and he and Alan Lomax (from the USA) filmed in the pub about same time.

An audio CDR "Ftx036: Down at the old Blaxhall Ship" and a DVD of the film "FF1105: Health to the Barley Mow" are available from Folktrax recordings:

In the early 1960s, local auctioneer Neil Lanham recorded in The Ship and elsewhere. A double CD of singing from the pub is available from his Helions Bumpstead Gramophone Company: "Songs from the idiom of the people of Blaxhall":

In the early 1970s, enthusiast Keith Summers made yet more recordings. He was followed by many others in that decade. Many of Keith’s recordings have recently been made available in a series of releases: Veteran CD: "Good Hearted Fellows" VT154CD:

Musical Traditions double CD: "A Story To Tell" MTCD339-0

These contain many recordings from Blaxhall and the area. "Musical Traditions" internet magazine also carries Keith’s article "Sing, Say or Pay" which you have links to.

This website/record label also has a full CD of Cyril Poacher: "Plenty of Thyme" MTCD303

In addition, several melodeon players who were regulars in the Ship have recordings on Veteran double cassette: "The Pigeon on the Gate: Melodeon players from East Anglia" VTVS05/06:

There’s a lot available for those who are interested! Hope this information is useful.

Chris Holderness

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