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Blaxhall Parish Council Newsletter

No 42 SUMMER 2002


First and foremost many thanks must go to Tilly Locker and Eileen Dunnet for all their ideas and organisational skills, which together with all the help and donations on the day, made the Jubilee celebrations go with a swing.

Here is what Ellie Wilding (aged 8) wrote about the celebrations in Blaxhall.

On Monday Edward, Jess, Megan and I went to Blaxhall playing field for the Jubilee. Megan was not there for the races. So Edward, Jess, and me did them. First there was two dressing up races. I did them both so did Jess but Edward and Daddy did the first one. On the second one we won. Then there were three legged races Jess and I did them but didn’t win. There was a potato and spoon race, I didn’t win that either. There was a wheelbarrow race but Edward was too heavy. The hardest race was the running race all the way down the field and Edward beat me. After the races there was a feast. It was huge. There was a big 50 Jubilee cake, chocolate brownies, sausage rolls, iced buns, peanuts, sausages-on-sticks, cheese and pineapple-on-sticks, mini rolls and lots more.

At 7 o’ clock lots of people started to leave. Then more people came. Soon, when lots of people were there we had our crowns judged. Edward won a spoon with a crown on the end.

There was pass the parcel and I had a milky-way from a line dancer and a lolly from my neighbour. But I had a spoon with a crest on in the last wrapper.

Then there was lots of entertainment. Soon Megan arrived. When she arrived we had an idea, we asked if we could perform and they said yes. So Jess and I performed "Forget I’m a Lady". So after that me and Megan performed "Yesterday". We stayed from 3.10pm. to 10.10pm.

One last note on the Jubilee - the cul-de-sac on which the three new housing association bungalows stand will be named "Jubilee Way".


Saturday 10th August 2002

Our village show is going from strength to strength and hopefully this year there really will be something for everyone. There will be great attractions, lots of games, a superb raffle and all the usual stalls and teas.
Hopefully you will find a leaflet accompanying this newsletter that gives details of most of the classes you can enter things into. There will also be a photography class with a choice of two themes, Garden or Holiday.
As you can see the entry fees are an absolute bargain, and that goes double for the children’s classes, which are FREE! Here is a reminder list of all the people you will want to get in touch with, with your offers of help and donations.

Teas : Sheila Scopes 688178
Produce: Andrea and Jamie Cutts 688131
Books: Richard and June Rope 688296
White Elephant : Doris Dunne 688401
Cakes : Shirley Taylor 688220
Draw: Tilly and Tim Locker 688618
Bottles: Joyce Iszard -she’ll be coming round!
Tombola: Clara Jenkins - so will she!

Anything else you need to know? Ring Clara on 688558

C.A.T.S. Coastal Accessible Transport

This is a dial-a-ride service based in Leiston and serving the surrounding areas. They aim to enable anyone with a permanent or temporary disability to access public transport.
Their minibuses are all wheelchair accessible and offer a door to door service, plus regular shopping runs and days out.
For an annual fee of £5.00 and a small mileage charge they could be the answer to your transport problems. C.A.T.S also require volunteer drivers, with full training given. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact Dave on 01728 830516.


from Clara Jenkins

Due to the Jubilee celebrations this years car boot sale didn’t get as much support as in former years but those who came had a pleasant time and we made over £100 pounds. Thanks to all those who gave their time and help. Our next event will be the Bonfire Night celebration in November and hopefully the slide and basketball hoop will be installed and in use by then.


The project is now in its survey stage where over 20 Blaxhall inhabitants are going out into the field to record data from 180 hedgerows in the parish. We hope to have this phase completed by sometime in September. If anyone is interested in helping please contact Rodney West on 689171 or Jamie Cutts on 688131.


As those of you who read the village noticeboards are aware, the parish council does not at present have its full compliment of councillors. Anyone interested in joining our "merry band" should in the first instance contact Joyce Iszard our Parish Clerk on 688452. We meet the first Wednesday of every other month, the next meeting being 4th September 2002 at 7.30pm. in the village hall. Everyone is welcome to come along to the meetings.

And for those of you who want to play a more active role in village life, but for whom the "cut and thrust" of the parish council doesn’t appeal, the various sub committees always welcome fresh blood and new ideas. Contact Joyce (as above) for news of any vacancies.

Here is a list of members of the parish council and their contact numbers.
Shirley Birch 688418
Gary Borrett
Graham Bowles 688192
Andrea Fletcher Cutts 688131
Philip Dunnet (chair.) 688660
Clara Jenkins 688558
Steve Smedley 688751
Shirley Taylor 688220
Joyce Iszard (parish clerk) 688452

Enjoy the rest of your summer - love, peace and eat your greens..