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I received this email a while ago. If you can help, please email Barry Porter.

My father originated in Blaxhall, living there from around 1900. Many the story did he tell me of drunken nights at The Ship around the time of World War 1. He married my mother in 1916 on the same day that his sister married my mothers cousin. My parents moved to Norfolk in the 1930’s (where I was born in 1938) but I believe some of my fathers relatives remained in Blaxhall. I am just wondering if any of their offspring are still there.

My fathers name was Frank Porter, and his sister would have been Elizabeth Drewery. I believe she had children - Harold and Ethel if I remember correctly, who would probably be in their 70’s now.

If there are any members of my family still in the region, and I could be put in touch with them, it would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, the Blaxhall site is very nice - one day I must get there and sample the beer at The Ship

Barry E Porter

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Blaxhall up North?

David Blaxhall has been one of this website’s greatest supporters since it started. David, a founder of 2BR, a popular radio station in Burnley, has been visiting here for several years and always makes an appearance at the fete with his charming West Highland Terrier Casper, and has family ties in the area.

The face of Blaxhall in Burnley

The face of Blaxhall in Burnley

When he was at the fete this year David told me he was involved in a new project - setting up a radio station in Blackburn - so if you’re ever up that neck of the woods tune in to The Bee - 107fm, and you may hear those Lancashire tones from a Blaxhall voice! A few years ago I asked if any other of the visitors to this site had the surname Blaxhall, and the response can be found here. Please keep emailing as our little village is rare in being the only Blaxhall in the world.

On a similar note, the singer who held the no. 1 spot at Christmas in the charts a few years ago had a surname that could surely only have come from that tiny village north of Framlingham - Bedingfield.

Link to David Blaxhall’s 2BR radio website

Fir Tree Farm Relocates - To Florida???

We received an email from a family in the States who some of you may remember. They lived at Fir Tree Farm before the present incumbent, and sent us a picture back:

Fir Tree Farm Sign

Here is the Email one of the family, Craig sent to us:

"John, My family was one of the "yanks" that lived in the farm house durng the years 1974 to 1978. My family is George and Sharon Effinger. My older brother is Chris with my sister Angie in the middle. My sister lives in Jacksonville Florida in the states. This is a picture of the old farm sign which was replace with a new one when we left. My entire family has only the fondest memories of living on the farm and the people. We know Alice and Vernie Messner who had a daughter named Lorena and Sara, there last name slips me @ present. Frank used to own the candy store. Well, I could go on for ever! Thanks for the cool site and have a beer @ the ship for me!"

If you knew Craig and his family, and want to send an email to them, please contact