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John Blaxhall
From: Perth, Western Australia
My Family can trace their origins back to original free settlers who came to Australia in 1841. The came from England and their names are recorded in the passenger manifest of this time.
We have approximately 60 Relatives spread throughout the world, My Great Grandfather was the only one to migrate to Australia, with his wife, and young family. His siblings ended up in America, Utah Canada, Quebec Spain Madrid & Sth Africa Johansburg, they all married and had large families, the war years did take a lot of them, but to date these descendants have migrated to places as far away as Chile, (Associate Professor Vern Blaxhall) and Ethiopia (Alison Blaxhall, Nurse). I have a family tree, showing the origins of our Family back through the early Blackhalls, (Kent) and Blacks (Sussex). Circa record office 1256 (England). Not too sure if we have much to do with Blax Hall region, but it may be a another branch of the same family. (The Blax Sheep side of course). Good luck and keep looking, the records office in London can be very helpful, as can the passagenger logs of the early 1800's.

John Blaxhall

I will email you this when I can.
Added: July 30, 2007
Denice Richards
From: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Well done, lovely website.
Added: July 25, 2007
Nicola Gilbert
From: Stanford le Hope
My mother and father in law live in blaxhall What a wonderful site well done Nicola
Added: July 23, 2007
John Savage
From: Oldham, Greater Manchester
Our Dad - George Savage (Deceased), was born in Blaxhall - one of nine!!
David Savage, the youngest son has gone now and Aunt Evelyn (who was last to live in the family homestead)- his wife has gone too.
The family home - (the only old property on the right hand side as you walk from The Ship to the Hostel), has been sold - so ends the Savage line in Blaxhall.
George Ewart Evans, the author, has a chapter on our Grandad and Grandma, in 'Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay'- Priscilla and Robert Savage.
My brother and I feel a strong sense of connection/belonging with Blaxhall, as we used to summer holiday there for 2 weeks every year as kids - remembering the constant roar of fighters taking off during the Cold War of the 70's.
Now there is perfect silence!! Wow!!A better sense of how Blaxhall used to be.
Ahhh, the walks in Tunstall Forest and taking my Uncle's 'kids' for a walk around the village!!
Just a slice of heaven.
Added: July 21, 2007
Ron and Pam Burrell
From: Colorado USA
Lovely job Jon on the village website. Wonderful news about The Ship reopening. I was a Yank at Bentwaters that married a Ling girl from Snape. I was at Bentwaters during the 1960's and 1980's and enjoyed stopping for a pint and a meal. I have all the old pub music on records and cassettes. I can still see Jim Grubbs behind that bar pulling pints from my 1993 visit. May he rest in peace. Best regards to Sue and hope that she is keeping well. We shall be back across the Pond for a visit.
Added: July 14, 2007
From: Nuneaton
i am part of the blaxhall family!we should meet up 1 day so we can meet our distant relatives!lol
Added: July 8, 2007
Joy Dean
I love the book about Blaxhall.

Unfortunately for a friend staying in the area, who asked in The Ship about the book, no one had heard of it so she had to leave the area without it.
Added: July 1, 2007
From: PA, United states
My mommy is from Blaxhall. My Nannie and granddad live there. yay! =)
Added: June 12, 2007
Kerry Scarce
From: lowestoft
I love this site, it warms my heart to see the photos of the blaxhall residents over the years, some photos with my ancestors in.
I have the Ling's, the Richardson's and the Jay's i have discovered many more in my tree to. Shane Pictor generously gave me much information.
The work Shane and all the other people who contribute to make this site possible, THANKYOU for making it possible for all to share this wonderful village's beauty and history.
Added: June 4, 2007
From: Bedfordshire
I've just found out that my great, great grandmother was born and came from Blaxhall. I would be interested to know if there were still people with the name of Ling (her maiden name) that live in the village.
Added: May 26, 2007

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