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Alec Ling
From: France
I'm one of Keith's brothers!
Added: June 17, 2008
Kay Allen
From: Wickford, Essex
Please could you tell me if it is possible to buy any of your old photos.
My family tree includes Ling and Sparrowhawk Smith
Many thanks

For more information about the photographs on the website, please contact Blaxhall Archive Group.
Added: June 15, 2008
Keith Ling
From: Needham Market
To John Ling West Midlands
My Grandfather was Esau Ling,David "Nipper" Ling was my father. Hope we can get in contact through this web site,I have two brothers and a sister.
Added: June 14, 2008
John A Ling
From: West Midlands
Found this website, think it's fantastic. We returned from Australia after many years and were thinking of visiting Blaxall for a day out in the summer. A few years ago my Mother traced our family tree right back to 1600's. My Great Grandfather was Eliza Ling (brother of Esau Ling) and I actually have his memorial card (buried in Wandsworth) as well as some old photos. I looked at your gallery and certain that I am related to the David Ling pictured. My Mum created a huge family tree diagram, but it takes on another dimension to be able look at faces and places - fantastic! I will definately visit Blaxall this summer with the wife and kids (all Lings of course!) and am about to ring my parents who now live in Suffolk (previously Essex) and let them know about this site. I would love to hear from any distant relatives... stories..etc. Isn't it amazing how the Lings have spread all over the globe? Interestingly when we lived in Adelaide our GP's were a family of Hill-Lings. (Ling came from Suffolk and married the daughter of Hill family who invented the Hills Hoist - Aussie version of the whirly washing line). We also came across another Ling when we lived in Far North Queensland, Peter Ling and it turned out he only lived around the corner so I popped in to speak to him - his father had orginated in Suffolk. GREAT SITE! Regards John Ling
Added: June 12, 2008
Paul Jeffery
From: Epsom Surrey uk
i visited Blaxhall last year when looking in to my family history.and was made very welcome by family members i had never met.thanks to you all,MY great grandmother was kate ling who married george messenger[g g]i have managed to go as far back thanks to the ling connection to the year 1610 william girling wifes name francesca .there are also names such as potter,symonds,hughes coleman,woolnough,david ling24 feb 1754 you know the one 16 kids which started the lings well and truly on there way.any more information avalable or photos, i would like to hear from any new family members ,great site good luck to all in blaxhall
Added: May 27, 2008
Thomas Burton
From: Mandurang Australia

Congratulations on the beautifully presented site.

My G-G-Grandfather, a farm labourer named Charles Randall came from Blaxhall to Australia in 1849 as an assisted immigrant. After many years working as a carrier working a bullock team and then a farm labourer, he managed to select land near Birchip in Victoria and own his own farm. He and his wife Peggy left 11 offspring, including Kate, my Great-Grandmother.

I would be grateful if someone could check the Parish Register to see if Charles's christening (somewhere around 1820) is recorded there. Sadly there is a lack of documentation regarding his life in Suffolk. I do hope that someone can help.

Best wishes,

Added: May 5, 2008
Louise Pozzebon (nee EVA)
From: Canberra
Note for Anitra - No idea why i looked up the name Blaxhall tonight (must have been a sub-conscious thought), but couldnt believe my eyes when i discovered a long lost friend - remember Killeen Street? Hope all in the family are well.
Added: April 23, 2008
Tina Poacher
From: Australia
A lovely little village
Added: March 25, 2008
Karen Reeve
From: Berkshire
The website is excellent and one of the best Ive seen -even better to see some 'old' relatives pictures!
I've recently visited the village whilst researching my family tree and met B.A.G. and some cousins I never knew I had- everyone was wonderful. Thank you.
Added: February 15, 2008
Great Web site. I always look forward to reading news from the village, particularly since my stay at the Ship in 2001. I'd love to see more contributions from other Blaxhalls.
My eldest daughter Anitra Blaxhall has been with the Welsh National Opera in Cardiff now for five years. Maybe I'll get to Blaxhall when I visit her again, perhaps this year.
Keep up the good work.
Added: February 13, 2008

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