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paul coggins
From: Boston USA
Again great site ,keep up the good work.
Have some photos would like to share.
One of the Choir at the church and a couple of my dad,one taken at the playing field.
Seem to remember my family being considered "outsiders" even though my family lived there for many many years and now both my folks are buried at the church.
Want to be part of the community so sending these photos is so part of that.
Let me know how i can send them or to whom.
Remember,warmly,the many folk nights at the ship. The BBC with mikes all over the ceiling. The darts matches. Many a drunken night there,my second home.
Also the fights with the yanks from the base. Clive Woolnough was one tough cookie. his brother Colin was the tame one but still very tough.
Good memories,all of them
Added: January 3, 2009
Jim Barber
From: Southery, Norfolk, U.K.
Re the LINGS,CABLES and KEEBLES; I'm grateful to all at this site and especially those from the Ling family that left comments subsequent to my recent post. I have made contact with cousin Keith and suspect we will have much to talk about. Paul also emailed from the USA. I know David and Alec are also out there somewhere and O.K. but where is Jennifer? If any any of my Cable relatives are about i'd also be glad to hear from them - Harry Cable/Lillian Keeble were my Grandparents on my mother's side.
Added: November 26, 2008
Arthur Rope
From: East Bergholt
I was back on your excellent site today and looking at the page on the Rope and Bates families, which is very helpful. One little thing: the link to my website didn't work for me.
Thanks for the information about the broken link which has now been fixed, regards, Jonathan
Added: November 22, 2008
James Barber
From: Southery, Norfolk, U.K.
Surely the best village website on the 'net!? Am doing my family tree, Barber, Benns, Tibbenham, Sharman, Cable, Keeble and Ling. The last three are on my deceased mother's side Brenda Eleanor Cable(husband Fred. Barber) and I have very little knowledge of any of this side of my family. If any of you are out there I'd like to make contact and I'd be very grateful. There are only two of you that I remember from my early boyhood, Keith & Alec Ling ...... come in wherever you are. Hope to hear from you, Jim B
Added: November 19, 2008
Paul Alan Ling
From: Stowmarket
I am Paul son of David Ling and Patricia Rowe, Grandson of David "Nipper" Ling & Lily Cable. My Great-Grandfather was Esau Ling. This site has brought to me history about the Ling's as well as the village. Any time I meet someone new called Ling I put them onto this web site! Thanks for the history and knowledge.
Added: November 10, 2008
David ling
Thanks for keeping the spirit of Blaxhall alive.I am the eldest Son of lily[cable]and David [nipper]Ling, I have a sister Jennifer,she was born when we lived at highterrace, I myself was born at pump square 1940. We have two younger brothers keith and Aiec,Both have contacted this site.Although we moved to Tunstall when i seven i had contact with Blaxhall until 1958.
Added: November 7, 2008
Johnny Adams
From: West Yorkshire, UK
Thanks so much for the archive recordings. I only had a few opportunities to go and sample the magic that was the Blaxhall Ship but listening to the recordings keeps the memories alive.

I particularly remember the time when our chartered Thames sailing barge got to Snape Quay and we walked with our instruments to the Ship and were joined by others for a really good session.

An experience to savour!
Added: October 20, 2008
From: Scotland
I have just found this sight from my cousin in New Zealand,and I am finding it very interesting, as my mother was born and bred in Tunstall, we had a lot of lovely holidays when I was a lot younger,down there. My Mum's name was Kathleen Bailey, and she had a brother Jimmy, so I would be most grateful to anyone who reads this, that has any information on the Bailey's,where they came from originally,ect. I would be most gratefull.
Kind regards.
Carol Boyne
Added: October 9, 2008
Shelley Curtis
From: Saxmundham
I have many happy childhood memories of when I use to visit my Grandparents Nora and Geoff Ling. Grandad would always be singing and dancing at the Blaxhall Ship on a Bank Holiday Weekend and we would go for many country walks. I love looking at the old photographs and reading up on the history of Blaxhall using the site - Keep up the good work.
Added: October 6, 2008
Brenda Flynn
From: Scotland
Your site is excellent, full of information.
My great grandfather Charles Pratt was from Little Glemham who moved to Scotland in the 1900s and his mother was Lucy Jay from Blaxhall.
Added: October 3, 2008

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